Hanwei lithium battery - unique transverse drainage technology

Traditional technology: collecting current longitudinally, the current density on the collector near the electrode ear is large, and the heating is serious, especially when charging or discharging at high rate, the internal damage of the battery is more serious.

Unique transverse drainage technology: the route of current walking on the collector is the closest, and the current density distribution on the collector is uniform.

Advantages: the application of transverse drainage technology not only simplifies the whole production process, but also greatly improves the performance of the battery.

N1, small capacity difference: 2% example: hw38120 (10Ah) battery capacity: 10.15ah-10.35ah

The internal resistance of hw38120 (10Ah) battery is 4.2m Ω ~ 4.5m Ω

N3. Yield: > 98%. Amount conversion: output to input ratio

N4. Qualified rate: > 99% of the ratio of delivery and storage