About us

Auto Facade Controls (Hangzhou) Ltd., a ISO9001 certified company, is engaged in the development of the intelligent building systems. It was recongized in 2020 by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the National High-Tech Enterprise which is the greatest honor for an innovation oriented company.

With the notion of Green building and natural ventilation being accepted and implemented in recent years, we’re shifting our core business to the window automation field. 

Now window actuators are one of the most important product series among a wide spectrum of the automation products. They range from Chain type to Rack & Pinion type to Spindle type, covering both electric driving and pneumatic driving models with various stroke lengths and thrust forces available. 

What’s worthwhile to mention is our unique Smart Window Control System. It pioneers the entire window automation industry thanks to the state of the art field bus based architecture. 

With the exquisite design and superior quality (compliant to relevant EN12101 and CCCF standards) we have already had a good presence in the ventilation market in Europe, Middle East and Pan Pacific region. And we’re now endeavoring to explore the local market in China.